Compaction is the enemy!

Compacted Soil
Compacted soil has had the air space squeezed out by machine, animal feet or nature itself (rain). Root growth, therefore plant production is inhibited.
Healthy Soil
Healthy soil contains a balance of mineral, air, water and organic matter. Approximately 1/4 of the volume of a healthy soil is made up of air pores.
AerWay Technology
AerWay Shattertine technology refers to the twist and lean of the tine and the ability of the tine to lift the soil like a small spade, shattering the compacted layers and recreating the air space in the soil profile.
Aerated Soil
Aerated soil is loosened soil with ideal air/water balance and an environment for maximum root growth.


Good Soil Tilth is Important!

Soil tilth is the measurement of the balance between basic soil elements: mineral, air, water, and organic matter. The proper balance of these elements increases soil production by allowing efficient interaction of all the soil systems. Air and water balance in the soil is the key to good root growth.

Compaction stresses plants because air and water are "squeezed" from the soil. Biological and chemical activities which depend on air and water become severely restricted. Root growth is impaired, crop production suffers.

Compaction makes both wet and dry soil conditions more severe. It reduces the water holding capacity of the soil which makes drought conditions worse. As well, it inhibits drainage.

How the AerWay Tine Works!

The Shattertine®

The patented AerWay Shattertines lift and fracture tough soil to increase air and water movement. As the AerWay moves over the surface, the unique angles of the AerWay Shattertines crack and shatter compacted soil 8" and deeper to open new channels for air and water. Plants respond with stronger roots and better yields. Plus you'll see improved fertilizer utilization, reduced runoff, and greater soil moisture consistency. See for yourself why thousands of producers agree- there's nothing else like the AerWay

The unique angles and offsets of the Shattertine crack and shatter the compacted soil. The results are improved soil air/water balance, increased microbial activity, and better fertilizer usage.


The causes and results of compaction

Equipment traffic
High traffic loads from equipment break down soil particles and force them together. This reduces the pore space needed for air and water movement. This effect is made worse in wet conditions, when particles, move more freely.

Livestock traffic
Soil compaction develops from repeated pressure from livestock traffic. While livestock can actually break up surface crusting, deep soil compaction layers develop over time if left untreated.

Heavy rainfall disturbs the smallest particles on the surface and forces them into pore spaces near the surface, creating layers of crust.

The bottom line is that relieving soil compaction is the first thing you should do to increase soil productivity. Compaction relief is the single most cost-effective method for boosting production.

Compaction can reduce yields by 50% or more
Compaction Develops
- Reduced pore space
- Increased bulk density
- Particles broken down
- Reduced gas exchange
- Limited nutrient movement
- Reduced water movement
- Reduced air content
- Slower root penetration
- Increased power needs
Soil Symptoms
- Reduced water infiltration
- Standing water and drainage problems
- Increased surface erosion
- Less root mass throughout the soil profile
- Larger equipment required leads to more soil compaction
- Reduced microbial activity
- Nutrient leaching
Plant Symptoms
- Slow crop emergence
- Uneven crop stands
- Short or stunted plants
- Leaf discoloration
- Shallow constricted roots
- Malformed roots
- Moisture stress

AerWay Allows soil to do what soil does best

Mechanical aeration with AerWay is the answer
Since soil compaction is a physical problem, the best solution is mechanical aeration. The ideal type of aeration treatment is fast, efficient, cost effective, and easy to perform-just what you get with patented AerWay Shattertine aeration.

Regular treatment with AerWay can turn your soil around
Compaction Relived
- Increased pore space
- Reduced bulk density
- Increased gas exchange
- Efficient nutrient movement
- Optimum water content
- Increased air content
- Deeper root penetration
- Reduced power needs
Soil Conditions
- Increased water infiltration
- Improved drainage
- Reduced erosion
- Greater root mass
- Increased microbial activity
- Less nutrient leaching
- Lower horsepower for tillage
Plant Response
- Vigorous crop emergence
- Even crop stands
- Well developed plants
- Deeper, healthier roots
- Increased root mass
- Better drought tolerance
- Improved disease resistance

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